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Styling Tips for Glasses-Wearers With Curly Hair

Styling Tips for Glasses-Wearers With Curly Hair

This year, fashion experts predict that eyeglasses as a fashion accessory will continue to reign supreme. As always, trendsetter and street-style icon Bella Hadid is ahead of the curve. She’s been spotted wearing rectangular eyeglasses, dubbed Bayonetta glasses, that have been all the rage, paired with a fitted button-down and tailored trousers. Last month, Nicole Kidman was photographed at the airport, putting her own spin on the trend in cat-eye frames and beachy curls. Kidman is proof that curly-haired folks can pull off anything; it’s all a matter of striking the perfect balance between hair and eyewear. Below, we’ve put together some styling tips for glasses-wearers to help you do exactly that, so let’s begin!

Look for celebrity styling inspiration

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Renowned R&B singer-songwriter H.E.R. is a proud member of the curly-haired club and is rarely seen without some form of eyewear perched on her face, so you can always count on her for curly hair-with-glasses inspiration. Some hairstyle options she’s worn that you can consider are box braids, sleek ponytails, textured updos, and a shoulder-length lob. As for eyeglasses styles, she’s partial to oversized frames in all sorts of shapes and colors. We recommend glasses like 5 to See’s Poplar frames in yellow or the wire-framed VO4274 model by Vogue Eyewear. Optionally, you can take your look to the next level by customizing it with a light tint, just like H.E.R.!

Get glasses that complement various hairstyles

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Curly hair can be something of a style chameleon, able to be tamed into sleek buns, twisted into braids, or donned in its full, voluminous glory. As such, you’ll need a pair of glasses that can similarly complement a range of hairstyles. This can be a tough decision since there are so many eyeglasses options to choose from online. Fortunately, this is made easier on Eyebuydirect, where their array of stylish glasses can be filtered according to size, color, shape, and more. Curly hair-friendly frames include the chic black and gold Jasmine glasses, as well as the cat-eye Attitude frames in clear melon. If you prefer a bolder style, try the geometric Ellipse frames in purple! These trendy glasses can also be customized with other features such as anti-glare and UV protective coatings for safeguarding your eyes in style.

Styling tips for glasses-wearers – opt for a protective hairstyle

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It’s no secret that curly hair takes a lot of care and maintenance to keep it in good shape, which is why many curly-haired folks opt for protective hairstyles. Aside from benefits such as protection from excessive heat, sun, wind, and water damage, protective hairstyles also ensure that hair doesn’t get snagged or pulled on by glasses. While a full head of locs takes time, they pair excellently with clear glasses like Ray-Ban’s RB7047 frames and the VO5356 model from Vogue Eyewear. Whether you’re a fan of cornrows or goddess locs à la Janelle Monae, make sure you take the time to prep your hair properly by thoroughly washing and deep-conditioning to keep the style for longer. Once you start noticing hair growth or build-up on your scalp, then it’s time to take them down or go to a stylist for a re-do. 

By incorporating these styling tips for glasses into your routine, you can confidently embrace both your curly locks and your glasses, effortlessly showcasing your personal style. Remember, striking a balance between your hair and eyewear is all about finding what works best for you. With these tips, you can rock your glasses and your curls with pride.

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