Little Curlies

How to care for your curly hair kids and build their curl confidence

mother and children laying on blanket in the park

Looking for an easy and effective wash day routine? This routine will work for all…

girl with cancer holding a stuffed toy
15 Best Places To Donate Hair And How to Do It

There are many reasons why someone can lose their hair. Whether hair loss is due…

young woman with curly hair holding a stack of books
Hair Books for Parents

Enjoy one or more of these helpful books for Parents about kids’ hair. Go to…

little girl looking at books on a shelf
Wonderful Hair Books for Kids

Enjoy one or more of these great kids’ hair books. To purchase, go to…

Ethnic kid girl playing with cat
Trouble Free Hair Care for Little Curlies

Need some hair help for your little curlies? We got you covered! Keeping a high-energy…

little girl with curly hair
Twenty fun hair facts for kids

We are born with about 5 million hair follicles and we don’t form new hair…

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