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Each of us with natural hair has unique characteristics that influence our curls' behavior. Your curl porosity, density, hair strand thickness and elasticity, can dictate the right products and styling techniques.  But while your curl pattern  and type is nice to know  it is actually the least informative.  

When answering the questions, keep in mind that many of us have more than one texture, especially as we begin our journey to more natural and healthier hair.  If your hair has heat or chemical damage, you probably are not seeing your true curl pattern. We recommend choosing the option that most closely resembles your current hair pattern.

Learn how to properly care for your hair by taking the Absolutely Everything Curly Hair Texture Quiz now!

Knowing your hair density helps in identifying how to properly style your hair.

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How "dense" is your hair?

Porosity is defined as your hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture. Answer these questions to figure out your hair’s predominant porosity. Let’s take a look!


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What is your hair porosity? How does it take to water?

Just as hair density and hair porosity have an impact on how you style your hair, hair elasticity also helps determine the right kind of products to use for your hair health. Think bouncy, healthy curls, coils, and waves!

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How stretchy is your hair?

The width of your hair refers to the thickness of each hair strand.  Knowing the thickness of your hair can help in choosing and purchasing the correct weight products (light vs heavy).

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How thick is your hair?

Wondering what kind of curl pattern you have? Once you know your curl pattern, you can read our posts that relate to your curl pattern for proper tips, recommendations, and hair products. Get ready to embrace and cherish your natural hair in its most authentic and beautiful form!

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What type of hair do you have?


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