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Who is your curl crush?

Who is your curl crush?

There are a rather LARGE number of Curly Girls on YouTube and Instagram.  Many of them have helped us figure out not only what products to use on our hair, but also the proper techniques. Some influencers are very chatty and have lengthy videos, but others get straight to the point. We truly LOVE them all.

Our absolute FAVORITES are the following:

Our advice to women who are struggling with loving their natural texture:

If you have damaged hair, it may take a while before the damage is gone and you start loving your hair. Do not be discouraged if your curls do not look anything like the Curly influencers mentioned above. It took them time too. Your hair will continue to improve with time.

Friends and family may not understand your hair journey.  They may even make fun of you.  It does not matter.  Pay them no mind. Taking care of our hair is just as important as taking care of the rest of our bodies.  

Do your research before you purchase products.  Ingredients are half the battle. The other half is the techniques and application methods. Using the proper techniques makes a HUGE difference in how your hair looks. 

Nourish and love your curls, the hard work WILL pay off!

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