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Voluminous curls

Voluminous curls

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Do you love BIG voluminous curls? Many of us do! 

If you have fine or low-density hair, achieving voluminous curls can be a bit tricky.  And for many curlies, getting more volume at the crown is a constant struggle.  But do not despair! These 10 tips for getting fuller-looking curls at the crown and all over are sure to get a standing ovation! 

  1. Avoid the roots

Avoid getting styling products and conditioner at the roots as much as possible. Start applying product midway and down to the ends before you do the area closer to the roots. Applying product this way will help create lift at the roots, and avoid the dreaded flat top look. 

  1. Style your hair up and out – away from the scalp 

If you use a Denman brush to work product through the hair, be sure to brush up and out, away from the scalp. Brushing down will create flat roots and pull the curls down.

See Manes by Mel’s video:

Also check out this one: Mane by Mel’s styling video.

  1. Clap your hands

If you are skeptical, you’re not alone, after all, everyone knows that motion equals frizzy hair.  However, if you need to add a little volume to your curls after they have dried completely (keyword: completely) try this method:  

Start by flipping your completely dry hair upside down, and clapping your hands quickly a few times with your curls between your palms. This gives just the right amount of added volume without causing frizz. You can also spray a bit of CG-approved hair spray on your hands before you clap.

  1. Use a hair pick

A hair pick can add volume in all the right places. To lift, fluff curls at the roots, close to the scalp, with a hair pick. To avoid creating frizz, do not pick at the top layer of your hair and leave the ends alone. To add even more volume, spray some CG-approved hairspray onto the pick and fluff your roots with it.  

  1. Clip at the roots

Strategically placed clips can give you much-needed volume in the crown area and prevent your curls from drying flat against your scalp.  Duckbill clips work particularly well to create more volume on top by holding curls up at the root and away from the scalp. Once your hair is dry, remove the clips and gently fluff your roots with your fingers or use a hair pick.

See Jannelle O’Shaughnessy’s video:

  1. Get a haircut

Trimming the ends regularly and getting the right haircut for your face shape and profile, can create volume at the roots, especially if the hair is dense and heavy. All that extra hair can weigh down the crown area.  Get a proper haircut to create a fuller, more balanced look.

  1. Scrunch at the roots 

Swap out some of your heavier stylers (cream and oil) for mousses and foams to create more volume. Scrunch some volumizing foam or mousse in at the roots to create lift while your hair is flipped upside down.  You can also add some hairspray to the ends or mid-length of hair and then scrunch up.

  1. Diffuse for more body

Air drying is great but for more volume, drying with a diffuser will help your curls look more volumized. While diffusing, flip your hair to one side then the other to keep the roots off the scalp.  Another must-do? Start drying at the roots first, to keep the ends from getting dry and frizzy. Make sure your roots are completely dry before you move to the ends.

  1. Clarify

Clarifying is a type of deep cleaning that gives both your hair and your scalp a fresh start, by lifting any dirt and residual product. This will make your curls feel lighter, look more lifted, and make styling products more effective.

  1. Shake it 

Only do this on completely dry hair to avoid creating frizz instead of volume. To start, slide your fingertips into your roots and along your scalp, and give a gentle sideways shake. This will lift the hair off of the scalp and separate curls for a bit more “oomph”. Then rotate your head around, from side to side, to free up those curls!

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