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Thirteen Tips For Solving Dry Hair

Thirteen Tips For Solving Dry Hair

Taking care of your hair can come with some challenges.  One of the biggest challenges is keeping dry hair properly moisturized, especially fine Type 4 dry hair. Chronically dry hair can break off and does not retain length. It can also be more difficult to style. 

The first step to correcting the problem is ensuring that your hair is properly and regularly cleaned. Not regularly cleaning and cleansing the hair can lead to clogged hair roots, sebum build-up, and product build-up. 

Here are thirteen tips for taking care of dry hair:

Tip One: Use Proper Products
When looking for either a proper shampoo or co-wash always avoid sulfates – these tend to strip moisture as part of their cleaning process. Cleanse your hair with a CG-approved shampoo or co-wash.  

Tip Two: Clean And Deep Condition Often

Wash your hair once or twice a week when starting out with the CG method.  Make sure to deep condition each time. Apply a CG-approved deep conditioner to your hair, cover with a cap, and if low porosity hair, apply heat from either a hooded dryer or heat cap. You should not need to apply heat if you have high-porosity hair. Be sure to check the instructions on your deep conditioner to indicate how long you should apply it.

Remember to detangle your hair only when it is saturated with a hydrating conditioner. Section the hair and work from end to root. Use a flat brush with rounded tips such as this FlexiGlide Detangling Brush. If your hair gets extremely tangled, consider doing a hot oil pre-poo before washing.

Rinse out the deep conditioner with lukewarm (not hot) water to smooth the cuticles.  

Tip Three: Cleanse With An ACV Rinse (do this once a week)

After conditioning, apply an organic apple cider vinegar rinse – mix ¼ cup of ACV with 2 cups of spring or distilled water (avoid tap water if you can).  Or purchase a suitable ACV product. Pour the ACV mixture over your scalp and hair.  Make sure to cover all of your hair.  Let it sit for about 3-5 minutes and then rinse out with lukewarm or cold water.  It is best to not use a towel to dry your hair but to let it air dry.  If you must dry, use a cotton t-shirt. While your hair is wet, apply your leave-in conditioner and follow with your other products, such as creams, oils, butters, and gels.

Instead of ACV, you can also try an aloe vera rinse using a mixture of ¼ cup pure aloe vera gel and 1 cup of spring or distilled water. Smooth it into the hair and scalp and leave it in. Unlike the ACV rinse, you will not rinse this out. Apply your leave-in conditioner right away and follow with your other products, such as creams, oils, or butters and gels.

Follow the steps above twice a week until you start to see improvement, and then switch to once a week.

To Avoid Breakage:

Tip Four: NEVER use brushes on dry hair.

Tip Five: Finger combing while detangling is best.

Tip Six: If you do use a comb or a brush, it should be a wide tooth comb and only when hair is soaking wet and saturated with conditioner.  If using a brush, it should be a detangling brush and used only on soaking wet hair saturated with a high slip conditioner.  Divide high density hair in as many sections as possible, before detangling with a detangling brush.  Be gentle to not break the hair strands.

Tip Seven: Do not use any heat on your hair.  Once your hair is healthy you can use a hooded dryer on cold air or low heat, or a diffuser. Lubricate your scalp with oil if needed, once or twice a week.

Tip Eight: If you have low porosity hair, deep condition with steam or heat (such as with a thermal heat cap). 

Tip Nine: Keep tight hairstyles or pulling at your edges to a minimum.

Tip Ten: Detox or clarify your scalp once or twice a month.  

Tip Eleven: Use the LOCG or LCOG method. 

Tip Twelve: At night, cover your hair with satin or silk or put it up in a pineapple, and use a silk pillowcase.

Tip Thirteen: Choose protective hairstyles when possible.

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