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The DOs of detangling

The DOs of detangling

The DOs of detangling

– DO start from the ends and work your way up to the roots when getting rid of tangles and loose hair strands (be patient, this may take a little time)

– DO take a look at the ends. Do they need to be trimmed? Be sure to get a trim at least every 4-6 months

– DO use a creamy detangler with lots of slip (we love our natural oils) 

– DO use a spray bottle, filled with water, to add moisture 

– DO wash your hair at least once a week, 3 times at the absolute max

The DON’Ts of detangling

– DON’T work with large sections of hair, split your hair into smaller sections when detangling

– DON’T pull or tug on knots in your hair

– DON’T use a fine-toothed comb or brush to detangle curls!  Use your fingers first and if you need to, a WIDE-toothed comb 

– DON’T detangle without product – always use a conditioner or detangler with a lot of slip

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