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Styling Tips for Wavy Hair

Styling Tips for Wavy Hair

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Most wavy hair is naturally soft.  The biggest concern for this hair type is usually defining and maintaining these beautiful waves.  This hair frequently falls under the Type 2 category, is often high in porosity, fine, or medium in density, and can appear frizzy or over-moisturized.  

Note: If you have high density, thick waves, you can use much heavier, richer products such as oils and butters in the First Five Ingredients.

Here are some tips to bring out the best of your waves: 

  • Use lightweight conditioners
  • Avoid heavy deep conditioners and leave-in conditioners
  • Use foam or mousse, followed by a gel
  • Use heavy oils or butters sparingly or not at all 
  • Avoid products with glycerin
  • Use a root lifter and a hair pick for extra body when styling
  • Try protein treatments – however be careful, test and see if your hair actually needs the extra protein (link)
  • For less protein, try a rice water rinse for protein or even a beer rinse, using alcohol free or dark beer (e.g., Guinness); remember to open the bottle a day before so it is flat and use the bowl method to soak the hair; do not use any conditioner afterwards

Swavy Curly Courtney has a lot of helpful videos for wavy hair. 

The one below is: 

5 Mistakes Wavies Make — Wavy Curly Hair Hacks

If you are not sure about your hair density or characteristics, take our Curly Hair quiz

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