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Styling techniques videos

Styling techniques videos

Here are several styling techniques with links to tutorial videos on YouTube.  Enjoy experimenting with your new hair style!  

(Don’t have a lot of time? We have indicated the length of each video after the link.)

Finger coiling

Finger Coiling For Perfect Spirals! | Curly & Wavy Hair (Joy Before Her) 10:06

How to finger coil curly hair (Finger Roll TikTok Hack) (Jannelle ) 11:53

How to get frizz free & defined curls every single time! | Finger Coiling My Natural Hair (Chellis Curls) 14:43

How to finger coil long curly hair (Manes by Mel) 15:49

How To Finger Coil Curly Hair (Chloe/ frizzandfrillzz)  13:55

Finger Coils on Kids Natural Hair using Aunt Jackie’s Kids Collection | CurlFriendsTV (Kathy Gaskins)  4:38

Kids Curly Hair Wash Day Routine 4A 4B 4C I Tips for Foster + Adoptive Parents – Christy Gior  14:10

Denman Brush

Denman Brush vs. Finger Coils | ChellisCurls (ChellisCurls)  17:46

How To: Denman Wash n Go Routine for Defined Curls (Natasha Camile)  7:30

How to style curly hair with the Denman brush (Jayme Jo) 14:50

Using the Denman Brush on Fine Wavy Hair (India Batson)  12:31

Denman Brush vs. Behairful Brush Compared | 2 Styling Routines (Gena Marie) 17:56

Wash n Go

Type 4 hair updated wash n go routine | curl definition at its best | DisisReyRey  6:01

My 10 Minute Wash & Go|ONE Product | Natasha Camile 3:18

Wash n go tutorial | length + volume| Safiya Bae  7:35

My First wash N Go on my 4B/C natural Hair | Tajah Ferjuste  5:57

Juicy 2-product wash n go routine | TheChicNatural  4:49

My wash n go routine 2019 | natural hair (quick & easy) | Knotsncurls  4:29

Simple Wash n Go Routine (NO Heat) | 3a/3b curls | Narjejo  6:40

Natural Hair wash and go product combo || For Type 3 & 4 Hair | Ferrin Lavon  8:59

Current curly hair routine 2020 | wash n go | 3B/3C curls | Tiara Analyse  6:48

The same wash n go combo on 3 different hair types | NaturalReign  14:44

Cute 4c Hairstyles For Short Hair (various styles) | BEAUTY GODDESS  10:23


How I Did Individual Mini Braids | Natural Hair Protective Style 7:43

Afro kinky twist braids on natural hair  7:41

How to: Braid Your Own Hair | For Beginners 4:30 

How To: Cornrow Your Own Hair | For Beginners 7:16

How To Do Your Own Box Braids For Beginners | WINSTONEE (for men) 3:05

How to cornrow your hair || Beginners friendly DIY 6:40

How to French Braid Natural Hair► for Beginners Step by Step 4:08

How to grip the roots box braids (detailed step by step tutorial for beginners) 7:02

Two Strand Twists 

Easy two strand twist for beginners I Hair care tips for foster and adoptive parents – Christy Gior  12:12

Comb coils or two strand twist for starter locs/ pics included  7:52

Two Strand Twist Natural Hair Tutorial 7:40

How To: Two Strand Twist Men! (Grow Longer Hair Faster)  7:45

How to 2 strand twist 3 different ways  10:10

How To Twist Natural Hair Properly for Twist Outs  5:16

How To Two Strand Twist  3:53

How to: Two Strand Twist On Natural Hair Tutorial | Black Men  6:29

Moisturised two strand twist protective style for winter/ no extensions  7:26

Easy Twist Out Men pt 2! Two Strand Twist & Twist Out For Men  6:53

Straw Set 

Straw set on natural hair| defined, bouncy curls  4:02

Straw Set on Natural Hair!!  4:26

How To Straw Set On Natural Hair | Lotta Body Foaming Mousse  5:49

How To Do Straw Set Hairstyle On Men Hair | Men Hairstyle | Josiphia Rizado  5:04

How to straw curls/ transition natural hair  5:26

How To Straw Set On Natural hair For Longer Lasting Curls For Days  5:31

Long lasting loc curls: straw set locs | cynsational locs  6:33

Straw Set on Relaxed Hair using Drinking Staws | Curling Relaxed with straw set hair  4:18

How To Refresh Straw Set Hairstyle | Men Hairstyle | Josiphia Rizado  2:42

Flat Twists

Flat twists made easy!  Tutorial for beginners | Natural Hair | AbbieCurls  6:30

How to flat twist natural hair | beginner friendly  5:34 

Feed in flat twisted detailed tutorial  5:17

How to do Flat twists on Natural hair  6:00

Natural hair | How to Flat twist on Short Natural Hair (TWA)  6:05

How to start 2 strand flat twist with extensions  2:19

How To Flat Twist Natural Hair for Beginners! + Holiday Hairstyle  6:43

How to start 2 strand flat twist with extensions  2:19

How To Flat Twist Natural Hair | Gloria Ann  5:47

Flat twists 101: 6 easy steps! | Men’s Natural Hair Care  4:34

Flex Rod Curls

How To Straw Set Without Straws | Natural Hair | Perm Rod Set  5:48

How To: Perfect Flexi Rod Set on Natural Hair  7:11

How to do a perfect flexi rod set  2:51

Updated Flexi Rod Tutorial- easiest, fastest method  7:29

Natural Hair Flexi Rod Set l Heatless Wand Curls  3:39

How to do Flexi Rods Set on 4C/4B Natural Hair  7:19

How to Use Flexi Rods on Straight Hair for EASY Heatless Curls Overnight  6:06

Quick & Easy Flexi Rod Set | Wet Natural Hair | Mielle Organics  4:25

Flexi Rod on 4C Natural Hair  4:14

How To | Quick Flexi Rod Set | Wet Natural Hair  4:35

Flexi Rod Set: Flawless Curls | alexandra_nx  6:55

Flexi Rods on Transitioning Hair | for Heat damage and Color damage  7:27 

Bantu Knots

 How To | Perfect Bantu Knots on Natural Hair & Transitioning Hair 5:58

Bantu knots on natural hair | *DETAILED HOW TO*  6:27

Big bantu knots on my TWA  5:12

How to: Bantu Knots for Beginners (on Dry Relaxed Hair)  4:33

Tutorial | Banty knots on transitioning hair  7:23

How to: Easy Bantu Knots for Kids  4:59

How to: Bantu Knot out on 4c Natural Tapered Hair  6:36

Jumbo bantu knots on short hair (very easy)  6:25

Bantu Knots With Thread on Natural Hair: Heat vs. No Heat  3:05

Achieve Perfect Bantu Knots on Stretched/Dry Hair | Heatless Curls  3:38

Top Knot

How to do: Top Knot Bun with cheap braiding hair | kids hairstyle  4:32

How to get a man bun or top knot | men’s hairstyle tutorial  4:44

Olivia Pierson Hair Tutorial | Two quick & easy buns  5:48

Sleek top knot bun tutorial 2020 | natural hair | Diamond Lynn  6:31

How To Do A Top Knot Bun On REALLY Short Natural Hair | Natural Hair  7:50

Quick and Easy High Bun On Natural Hair  3:32

How To : Do A Top Knot Bun On Short 4c Hair 🦋 + trick to make your hair look longer  6:38

Crown Twist

Asymmetrical Twisted Crown | Protective Hairstyles Natural Hair – Naptural85  5:05

Simple Crown Flat Twist on 4c Natural hair, Easy Hairstyle, Work & Interview Friendly  4:57

Natural Hairstyle: classy jumbo crown twist tutorial  5:10

Flat Twist Crown Tutorial | Protective Style for natural hair and transitioning hair  7:29

Easy Crown Twist Hair Tutorial  4:26

Protective style. Twisted Crown Up-Do. Natural Hair. AbbieCurls  4:06

Flat Twist Crown (Protective Style)  6:11

Flat Twist | Protective Style | ItsMeBFairley | 5 Min Fridays  5:42

Flat twists made easy! Tutorial for beginners | Natural Hair | AbbieCurls  6:30

Space Buns

How to do Sleek Low Space Buns On Short 4C Natural Hair!! Super Easy|Mona B.  6:09

How to space buns on 4c natural hair  3:59

Space Buns on Short Natural Hair |Tatyana Celeste  6:14

Natural hair tutorial how to style two space buns  5:47

How to do two buns “space buns” for natural hair  4:25

Sleek space bun | 5 minutes tutorial | natural hair  4:00

2 Puff Curly Buns (Space Buns) | Natural Hair Protective Style  6:04

Pineapple Updo

Curly pineapple tutorial for longer curly hair | how to make it stand UP | halloween edition!  6:45

Easy Pineapple updo  1:56

Easy Curly Hair Pineapple Updo Tutorial! | BiancaReneeToday  5:26

Natural hair | the easiest pineapple updo on kinky curly hair  3:12

How to do a Pineapple on Curly Hair Two Ways – For Daytime and Nighttime  2:22

Easy & Effortless Scarf Updo for Natural Hair  3:45

How to curly bun & curly pineapple  4:06

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