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Why You Need a Curl Consultation

Why You Need a Curl Consultation

Who are these curl consultations for?

If you need help buying the proper hair products for your hair type, help with styling techniques, or want someone to tell you exactly what to do and what to buy, then this curl consultation is for you!

What do I get with the package?

• A Questionnaire (similar to AEC’s Hair Quiz) to figure out your hair characteristics and hair health, any hair issues (such as thinning or hair loss), and to jot down your current hair products and styling techniques

• A one-hour telephone, Teams, or Webex consultation to discuss your hair stats, hair products and ingredients, and your new curly hair routine

• Complimentary one year membership to AEC that gives you access to ALL the Ultimate Guides, to help you choose new hair products (we will review the guides together, if needed) and the Salon database

• Complimentary copy of AEC’s exclusive complete Curly Hair Care & Wash Day Journal

• Follow up emails or another 30-minute virtual consultation if you need more help after our initial consultation

curl consultation

How much does a curl consultation cost?

The entire package costs only $149. This includes 1.5 hours with Gaby (a $300 value), a complimentary one year membership to AEC (a $49 value) with access to all the Ultimate Guides and the Salon database, and a complimentary copy of our Hair Care & Wash Day Journal (a $19.99 value).

That means you will be receiving $419 worth of value so that you have everything you need to achieve healthy, gorgeous waves and curls for only $149.

How does the curl consultation work?

Once you click on the link to notify AEC you wish to sign up, you will receive a link to book a time slot and pay the fee. Then you will receive a few emails to confirm your appointment and a code for the complimentary AEC 1-year membership.
Next, a copy of the Hair Care & Wash Day Journal will be sent to your mailing address.

If you need more help or have questions after our 1-hour consultation, you will get up to 4 follow-up emails or another 30-minute video or telephone call.

Need a curl consultation? Are you ready to start your curly journey? Contact AEC HERE to secure your spot.

curl consultation
curl consultation

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