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Common Myths about Type 4C Hair

Common Myths about Type 4C Hair

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Here are some common MYTHS about type 4C hair we have all heard:

  • It is the driest hair by default.  This is a misconception.  If your hair is chronically dry it is because you are using the wrong products and/or using the wrong techniques
  • It is the slowest growing hair – your hair grows based on many other factors, not that you are a 4C. It can reach long length just like any other hair type
  • It does not have a definite curl pattern. It most definitely has a pattern (read on). 
  • It is low porosity by default – low, medium, or high porosity is a condition of the hair, not a hair type.
  • It is coarse by default.  Hair thickness can be thin, medium or coarse. This means 4C hair can be fine, medium, or coarse. Strand thickness is based on genetics.

What 4C hair IS:

  • It consists of small tight coils like a spring inside of an ink pen. It can be tightly coiled or a bit less coiled 
  • It does not clump much naturally but forms an S shape  
  • It has short waves when smoothed down and looks dense
  • Shrinkage is real — 4C hair can shrink 75% or more
  • It is very springy or spongy
  • It may look dull or low shine, opaque or suede looking
  • 4C hair resembles soft cotton or lambswool

Good hair is healthy hair!   ALL hair can be beautiful with the proper styling techniques, hair products, and a good haircut. Celebrate and embrace your natural hair.

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