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The Best Places To Donate Hair and How to Do It

The Best Places To Donate Hair and How to Do It

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There are many reasons why someone can lose their hair. Whether hair loss is due to cancer, alopecia, burns, other illnesses, or stress, it can seriously affect how a person feels about themself. By donating your locks or locs, you can make a lasting impact and help someone regain their confidence and joy for life. On average, it takes 9-12 ponytails just to make one wig.

AEC has compiled the information below so that you know how and where to donate hair.


1. Angel Hair for Kids

Founded in 2002 by Roslyn Yearwood and Amalia Ruggiero, this special program is unlike any other and is the only one of its kind in Canada. Each Angel Hair For Kids recipient is given a personal appointment at a salon that specializes in wigs and hair loss.

2. Chai Lifeline New York

As the largest hub of the Jewish community in the U.S., Chai Lifeline’s New York / Greater Atlantic Region and its vast network of volunteers provide support for thousands of children and families across the Northeast annually. Chai Lifeline accepts contributions of childrens’ and adults’ hair for inclusion in wigs. Hair should be cut dry and already clipped in a ponytail or braid. Place hair in a Ziploc bag and then into an outer envelope.  

Length requirement: 14 inches or longer.

3. Children with Hair Loss

Children With Hair Loss is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that provides human hair replacements at no cost to children and young adults facing medically-related hair loss. When a child’s hair is lost due to cancer treatments, alopecia, trichotillomania, burns, etc., the painful effects are far deeper than just cosmetic. Regina Villemure, a former cosmetology instructor, hairstylist, and hair replacement specialist, founded CWHL after her niece, Sarah, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at age three. Sarah underwent chemotherapy for five years and is now a survivor of more than 30 years.

Length requirement: 8 inches or longer.

4. Crowns of Courage

Crowns of Courage provides halo wigs to children experiencing chemotherapy-related hair loss at no cost to the family. Unlike traditional wigs, halo wigs are attached to a soft, breathable cap, allowing for more comfort.

Length requirement: 9 inches or longer.

5. Dreadlocks of Love

This organization creates loc wigs for cancer patients of all ages. It will take a variety of locs, including those that have been colored, or that have beads and wires.

6. Hair Donation Ottawa

Hair Donation Ottawa is an annual fundraiser that raises funds for cutting-edge cancer research at Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, empowers kids with hair loss by providing them with free wigs, and supports green initiatives championed by Green Circle Salons.

7. Hair We Share

Founded in 2014, Hair We Share donates real hair wigs to children under 18 and adults facing financial hardships. Hair We Share has some “donation salons” across the United States that properly cut and ship hair. Acceptable hair must not be highlighted or bleached. But colored, permed, and grey hair is accepted. They also offer a unique “Track Your Ponytail” program so that donors can see what their donation is used for. 

Length requirement: 12 inches or longer (they accept 8 inches if you join their ponytail tracking program)

8. Wigs for Kids

Certified Cosmetic Therapist Jeffrey Paul founded Wigs for Kids, a nonprofit organization that has been serving children suffering from medical hair loss since 1981. Grey hair is accepted but colored, bleached, or highlighted hair is not.

Length requirement: 12 inches or longer. 

9. Locks of Love

The organization started in 1997 and was spearheaded by Madonna Coffman, a cardiac nurse, who developed alopecia in her 20s. Locks of love has recipients in all 50 states and Canada and aspires to help every financially disadvantaged child suffering from long-term hair loss. Colored or permed hair is acceptable but not chemically treated (bleached) hair.

Length requirement: 10 inches is the minimum length.

10. Maggie’s Wig 4 Kids of Michigan

Maggie’s Wigs 4 Kids Wellness Center and Salon is a local grassroots non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides wigs and support services at no charge to children and young adults experiencing hair loss due to cancer, alopecia, trichotillomania, burns, and other disorders. Their wig recipients, also known as Ambassadors, range in age from 3 to 18 and are located throughout Michigan.

11. Matter of Trust

In 1999, Lisa Gautier, Matter of Trust founder and President, began a partnership with Phil McCrory, a hairstylist, and inventor from Alabama. Using clippings of hair from salons, fur from pet groomers, fleece and feathers from farmers, even laundry lint, they produce felted recycled fiber mats. While Matter of Trust does not support children who have experienced hair loss, they do accept hair donations for a good cause — its Clean Wave Program. The environmentally responsible nonprofit uses hair clippings to soak up major oil spills and help keep storm drains and waterways clean. 

Length requirement: 3 inches or longer

12. Pink Heart Funds

Launched in 2005, Pink Heart Funds is a non-profit, 501c3 charity that provides cranial prosthetics (wigs) for children and adults with cancer-related hair loss. Pink Heart Funds has provided over 2,500 cranial prosthetics. Pink Heart Funds also provides women with free breast prosthetics and post-mastectomy bras as well as a resource for those seeking support or advice. Colored and grey hair are fine. Over processed or bleached hair are not.

Length requirement: 10 inches or longer

13. Sustainable Salons

All collected ponytails 20 cm or longer are distributed to charitable organizations to create wigs for those suffering from cancer or alopecia. (Based in AU/NZ.)

14. The Little Princess Trust 

 This is a UK charity that makes real hair wigs for children who have lost their hair to cancer. 

15. Lusta Children’s Project (Australia)

Lusta Hair provides high-quality, comfortable and realistic human hair wigs or toppers, for children with alopecia and medical-related hair loss. Lusta Hair was started and self-funded by Kimberly Di Benedetto, founder & CEO of Lusta Hair.

Recipients can receive fully-funded wigs valued at up to $5,000AUD.

Honorable mentions:

Pantene Beautiful Lengths

Pantene Beautiful Lengths partnered with the American and Canadian Cancer Societies to provide free, real-hair wigs to women living with cancer since 2006. However, their website states that hair donations are no longer accepted after December 31, 2018. 

Hugs-U-Wear (Childhood Leukemia Foundation)

The Childhood Leukemia Foundation was founded in 1992 to educate and empower children 21 years or younger diagnosed with all forms of cancer. However, they no longer accept hair donations in 2023. 


These gorgeous wigs are human hair and can be dyed.

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