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17 Time-Saving Tools and Accessories For Curly Hair

17 Time-Saving Tools and Accessories For Curly Hair

Everyone needs great tools and accessories to properly care for their curly hair. From diffusers to scalp massagers, we have compiled this handy list to keep your curls looking great. The best part? These products work for almost everyone, so definitely share this guide with your non-curly friends.

BONUS: This list has something for every budget – scroll down to check out our picks (paid links).

Curly Hair Products Under $20:

1. Maxsoft scalp shampoo brush $7

A basic necessity to gently cleanse the scalp and boost hair growth.  Also doubles as a daily, soothing scalp massager.

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2. Flairosol spray mist bottle $6

The best continuous spray misting water bottle you will ever need.

3. The Tangle Teezer $15

The ultimate wet detangling brush for wash days.

4. Curly Girl Club T-shirts $20

These t-shirts are too cute for words. Not essential but worth wearing one. Come in many colors.

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5. Flower sack towel towel $19

Reduces frizz and speeds up drying time. Some like it better than a microfiber towel.

6. Denman brush 7-row $20

A cult classic. Use one to style your hair for curly perfection. Check out this Denman brush styling video from Natasha Camile here.

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Curly Hair Products Under $45

7. MYK Pure Natural Mulberry Silk Pillowcase $28

Everyone NEEDS one of these. Silk pillowcases prevent wrinkles, frizz, tangles, and feel luxurious. A basic necessity for skincare lovers and anyone with curly hair. This pillowcase has silk on both sides and is machine washable.

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8. Silk scrunchies $20

These silk scrunchies will not cause breakage or frizz in curly hair. They glide over the hair strands and are sturdy.

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9. PuffCuff Family Pack $50

Another classic and it come in many sizes for anyone. Many curlies use one to put up their hair in a pineapple at night.  Don’t know what a hair pineapple is?  Check out this article on AEC.

10. T-shirt Towel $23

Some curlies prefer a t-shirt towel over a microfiber towel. No frizz. Read this article to master frizz-free curls.

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11. Flaxseed Deep Conditioning Heat Cap $29

 If you have low or medium porosity hair, add some gentle heat to your (weekly) deep conditioning treatment to allow the conditioner to penetrate more effectively. These microwaveable caps heat up in minutes and last for 20-30 minutes.

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12. Kitsch Luxury Shower Cap $18

Preserve those curls with this adorable shower cap.

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13. Kitsch Microfiber Headband, Microfiber Hair Towel, and Microfiber Scrunchies $45

This cute microdot set will keep your hair frizz-free. Kitsch is a self-financed, woman-owned company.

14. Nugget Luxe Ribbed Open Turban $42

The Luxe Ribbed Open Turban from YouGoNatural is soft & light. Add a little luxury to your everyday wear.

Luxury Curly Hair Products

15. Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer $550

The iPhone of hairdryers for waves, curls, and coils. Is lightweight and cuts your drying time nearly in half without damaging your curls. Magnetic attachments. Get yours in silver or pink.

16. Shark HyperAIR hairdryer $250

A less expensive alternative to the Dyson. It has the same motor as the Dyson at nearly half the cost.

17. Ionic Hooded Hair Dryer $135

Dry your curls while you work. This stand hair dryer has three settings: cold, low heat, and high heat.

Head on over to CurlPlanet to get your curly hair essentials today!

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