The Hair Journal




Did you know our hair changes over time? And that seasons impact our hair? Or that our favorite products change formulation?

What was my secret to success on my curly hair journey? Tracking what I was doing from the beginning (see this VIDEO).

I recorded the products and methods I was using, my wash days, and I took pictures of my hair. I was just missing a nice hair journal.

Absolutely Everything Curly created the perfect hair journal just for us curlies. The Complete Curly Hair Care and Wash Day Journal is designed to chronicle your hair routine and help you succeed in your hair journey. This journal includes blank wash days and months 1-12 allowing you to set hair goals, record any supplements taken, jot down and discover the best products for your hair, and track your results with photos so you can remember what worked and what didn’t. You’ll be able to reflect back on those days when you had lots of time for your self-care hair routine and what worked well, to duplicate on days when you have to make it work quickly.  

By keeping track of your hair care routine and wash days, you will learn what works and what can be changed or improved to develop a successful hair regimen – one that is unique to you! 

Scroll through the inside pages to get a glimpse of what’s inside.

PS This journal also makes a great GIFT for your curly friends & family.

178 pages


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